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Works in your CRM:

Success Stories

Fast-growing SaaS company increases opportunity rate by 10%

Global firm Grant Thornton found 15X routes to people they wanted to reach

Software company identifies 25% additional line of business contacts at their target companies

Easy to get started


Get your organization set up in 48 hours

Gartner Cool Vendor for CRM Sales 2013

Charles Arthur

Datahug aims to unlock the business social graph inside your inbox [...] and show you who you talk to and who you should be talking to

Haydn Shaughnessy

The proposition, that before you launch a new social network platform, find out what your real social network is doing, makes a lot of sense.

Robin Wauters

[Datahug is like] LinkedIn on steroids as it not only answers who knows whom, but also how well they know them.

Issie Lapowski

[Datahug] works with corporate clients toautomatically scan internal emails, calendars, and other contact lists to unearth connections to potential clients and sales leads.

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