A Brief History

Datahug was established in 2010 by two management consultants who understood the importance of relationships in driving their business.

Founded in Ireland and headquartered in New York, the company has secured venture funding from a world class line-up of investors including Draper Fisher Jurvetson, DFJ Esprit, Oyster Capital and Silicon Valley investor Ron Conway.

Datahug has a broad global client base, including three of the Big Six accountancy firms, a series of large tech companies, financial services, investment banking and venture capital firms. The core Datahug technology has won multiple technology and business awards, most recently being recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in CRM Sales.

Our Story

Datahug was founded to answer one of the most important questions in business – what relationships exist across the organization and how are they being leveraged?

We sat in many meetings where people asked who knew the CXO at a firm we were trying to sell to? When did we last meet our top twenty clients? Were we really going to close that deal that took months of hard work and relationship building?

This question was so important that every year we invested millions of dollars and many hours trying to build and engage our networks more effectively. We spent weeks at conferences, training seminars and networking events around the globe, purchased expensive CRM systems and we prepared multiple versions of Excel spreadsheets and stakeholder maps in order to identify gaps and hidden opportunities within our networks.

Yet despite all of this investment, we still could not easily access the information we needed. The Eureka moment arrived when we came across research that found that 1,100 unique connections exist in an average sales person’s mailbox. It quickly dawned on us that the answer to our question was sitting right in front of us, but hidden away within our communication data.

Datahug works by using information you already have – communication data coming in and out of the business daily. With this, Datahug builds up a dynamic database of company-wide connections and uses an analytics engine to map every relationship in the business and score every deal in the CRM. Instantly you can identify the connections that are most likely to open a door or lead to a sale.

Hence, Datahug was born, and our mission today is the same as it was in 2010, to automatically unlock the hidden network that exists within every company.

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