Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your Privacy Promise?

    At Datahug, we have no higher priority than the privacy and security of our customers’ data. Ensuring the constant privacy and security of our customers’ data is integral to our core mission of earning and maintaining the trust of each of our customers and delivering an excellent business development tool. We constantly strive to lead the industry as a trusted processor of business relationship data. We implement a world-class privacy program and we provide a secure infrastructure and flexible tools that empower our customers to leverage their business relationship while complying with global privacy and data protection standards.

  • What information does Datahug use to unlock my business relationships?

    We provide a complete firm-wide view of your business relationships by passively and automatically analysing all internal and external email interactions to unlock and display who knows who and how well they know them. We can re-connect to your email server every day in order to automatically update your network.

  • How does Datahug collect my business relationship data?

    You decide. We currently offer three flexible options depending on your requirements. It is important to note that only the traffic or header data is accessed, never the content.

    Option 1 : Direct Access to each user’s email account

    Once a user signs up to the Datahug service and provides us with their individual email address and password, we can connect directly to their email account to passively and automatically capture and update all of their business relationship information (header data only). Datahug can connect directly to your company’s email server in order to index individual inboxes. Datahug currently supports IMAP, Google OAUTH and Exchange Web Services protocols. All passwords provided are encrypted and securely stored on our servers.

    Option 2 – Mailbox Access via Service Account

    It’s also possible for Datahug to connect to Microsoft Exchange mail servers using a Datahug service account that has been created by your network administrator to connect to specific user accounts on that server. Datahug can access and index each user’s inbox without needing to ever know or store an individual user’s email account password.

    Option 3 – ETL Secure Push

    For our larger enterprise customers, we can facilitate a customer-side push method. This means that the Datahug system does not need direct access to a customer’s email or directory system and we remain, at all times, outside of the customer’s firewalls. The customer accesses and processes all relationship data locally within their security domain before sending (via a secure file transfer) pre-agreed relationship
    data to Datahug. Datahug has no access to the customer’s email system or network and does not require any security permissions. The customer has complete access to all client-side configuration and security settings.

  • Does Datahug read or store the contents of my emails?

    No – never. We build the profile of your business relationships using only the information contained in the“header” of an email – e.g. To, From, CC, BCC, time, date and subject line. This is just like reading the outside of an envelope and ignoring the contents inside. No content of, or attachments to, any email is ever accessed, reviewed or stored by us.

  • How does Datahug use my business relationship information?

    Datahug compiles and analyses all of your interactions. Our algorithms connect this information to give you tangible answers to the key business relationship questions of who knows who and how well they know them. In short, we use your information to provide you with our services. We will not use your data for any other purpose without your consent.

  • Where is my relationship data stored?

    Datahug is hosted on Amazon Web Services. These globally located data centers provide best-in-class physical and firewall security techniques. All data is automatically backed up each day and is protected by comprehensive steps for disaster recovery.

  • Who has access to my data?

    Your data is private to your company and your relationships are only accessible and visible by other members of your private Datahug network. You, or you network administrator, control who can access your Datahug network. You can also avail of our customisable privacy settings to mark certain relationship as private so that they remain hidden to other users of your network.

  • Who owns the relationship data?

    You do. There is no transfer of ownership. Under the Data Protection legislative framework, Datahug is a data processor and all customer provided data remains owned and controlled by the customer. Statistical relationship data such as the HugRank and Interaction Pulse is generated by the Datahug service and is provided to the customer as part of the Datahug service.

  • How do you ensure secure access

    All your Datahug sessions are protected using 256-bit SSL-encryption and are certified by a leading Certification Authority ensuring your data is safe and secure. To pre-empt and protect against security attacks, we run nightly vulnerability scans on our application server using COMODO, a leading Trust Authority.

  • What are your security standards?

    Our data is stored on the Amazon Web Services platform which is ISO27001 certified. ISO27001 is recognized worldwide as one of the leading international information security management standards. We also operate ISO27002 security and management processes (including Risk Management, Access Control, Incident Management and Business Continuity) in relation to all other aspects of our business.

  • Do I need to inform my company’s clients that we are using Datahug?

    Datahug simply analyses your company’s internal and external email interactions and presents this information in an easy-to-use format. Datahug automatically unlocks the existing information that you already possess and makes it easier for colleagues to collaborate. The consent of your client to use Datahug to access your relationship with them is not needed.

  • Could Datahug create confidentiality issues for me?

    No. Many of our customers operate in sectors where client confidentiality issues (e.g. price sensitive information, Chinese walls etc.) are paramount. Datahug unlocks a company’s business relationships by identifying and presenting the existence of relationships and the health or level of interaction between those relationships. No other information can be accessed. If revealing the existence of a relationship is a concern, our customisable privacy settings allow individual relationships, companies, contacts or users to be marked private so that they are visible only to the appropriate people you select.

  • Does my whole company need to sign up?

    No. Obviously the more people on a customer’s network that use Datahug, the richer the network of business relationships that can be accessed but it is not necessary for Datahug to be rolled out across a whole company.

  • Is Datahug compliant with global data protection and privacy standards?

    Yes. Datahug is registered as a Data Processor with the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland and understands the fundamental obligations around privacy that govern the handling of personal information. Datahug provides our customers and their employees with the tools and controls required to meet the globally emerging laws and frameworks that govern privacy. Datahug already complies with the key aspects of the emerging EU Data Protection Framework, such as: ‘Privacy by default’ and ‘Privacy by design’, the right to be forgotten, easy access to your own data and the ability to freely transfer personal data.

  • How does Datahug embrace the data protection and privacy themes of notice, choice, access and security?


    We clearly communicate with our customers what exact data we analyse on their behalf, how we analyse it, where we store it and how we protect it.


    Our customers can choose and customize how to provide us with their business relationship information.


    A customer’s relationship data is private to their account and is only visible to permitted members of their private Datahug network. Our customisable privacy settings enable a customer, or their network administrator, to manage the access to their business relationship data. A customer can at all times request access to, update or delete the relationship data stored by us.


    We employ world leading security techniques to ensure that our customers’ data is safe and secure.

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