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How does Datahug protect privacy?

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We have no higher priority than the privacy and security of our customers’ data. We provide a secure infrastructure and flexible tools that empower our customers to leverage their business relationships, while complying with global privacy and data protection standards. We constantly strive to lead the industry as a trusted processor of business relationship data.

Our Privacy Promise

We never access or read the contents of your email

We only access the minimum email header information required to build your network.

You can mark contacts as private

All users can mark relationships as private and these are excluded from search results

Profiles are private by default

By default, your user profile is private to other users. If a user clicks on your profile they will be re-directed to a privacy page

You own your own data

Relationships are never shared with anyone outside your network

In addition to Enterprise level privacy, Datahug Enterprise customers benefit from:

Full control of your data

Datahug is a data processor and never owns or resells your data.

Employees cannot see colleague pages

Employees and regular search users cannot view their colleagues profile pages.

Protect private relationships

Some relationships need to be private and employees can flag these connections as private

Secure & Encrypted

All data is stored in ISO 27001 certified data centres and is transferred over SSL.

No email content, only headers

The contents of your Email are never scanned or accessed by Datahug.

Role-based access

Administrators can restrict global search access by user role

Private to your company

Relationships are never shared with anyone outside your network. 3rd Parties never have access to your data

Administrative control

Administrators can exclude complete companies or users from being indexed by Datahug.

Opt Out service

Any individual, employee or client can opt out from being indexed by Datahug.

Access logging

Full audit trail and logging of user actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Datahug read or store the contents of my emails?

No. Datahug only uses the 'header' information of an email (i.e. the From, To, CC, Date, and Message ID fields). This is just like reading the outside of an envelope and ignoring the contents inside.

Can I mark relationships as private?

Yes. All users can mark any of their relationships as private and exclude them from search results.

Who has access to the data?

Your data is private to your company and is only accessible to other members of your private Datahug network. Your network administrator controls who can access your Datahug network.

Who owns the data?

Datahug is a data processer and customer data is at all times owned and controlled by the customer (i.e. the Data Controller). Statistical relationship data such as the Hugrank is generated by the Datahug service and is provided to the customer as part of the Datahug service..

Where is the data located?

Datahug has partnered with leading cloud data provider Amazon to store and process data. These data centres provide best-in-class physical and firewall security techniques. All data is automatically backed up each day.

Does Datahug support global privacy frameworks?

Yes. Datahug is registered as a Data Processor with the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland and understands the fundamental obligations around privacy that govern the handling of personal information.

Datahug provides our customers and their employees with the tools and controls required to meet the globally emerging laws and frameworks that govern privacy. Datahug already complies with the key aspects of the emerging EU Data Protection Framework, such as:.

  • 'Privacy by default' and 'Privacy by design'
  • The right to be forgotten
  • Easy access to your own data
  • Ability to freely transfer personal data

Read our comprehensive Security Overview for more details on our data security architecture and controls.

If you would like to learn more about Datahug's security features, practices and policies, contact our sales team at +1-855-Datahug.

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