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Some of the most respected companies around the world use Datahug to share, connect and manage their business relationships through our Automated Relationship Intelligence platform. We adhere to the highest industry standards for security at every level of your experience. You can unlock, manage and access your network with confidence.

Security Architecture

Datahug - Secure, Robust, SaaS platform

In addition to 99.9% network availability, Datahug Enterprise customers benefit from:

Data encryption on transfer

Data is encrypted in transfer using TLS 1.2

Data encryption at rest

Password and user information is stored encrypted on the database. Enterprise customers can upload encrypted data using AES-256

Secure Integration (API)

Integrate with enterprise systems using our API that supports both secure credential and token based access

IP Range Lockdown

Restrict application and upload access to a specific IP range

Header data only

Datahug monitors traffic rather than content

Role-based access controls

Admin, search and passive permissions

Strong Authentication

We use strong password, email verification and CAPTCHA verification steps to restrict access

Administrative control

Manage users, access, ETL uploads and user activity

ISO 27001 data centres

Data is stored at rest within ISO 27001 certified data centres

Best practice security at every level, for every user

Datahug commits extensive resources to the design, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of our security infrastructure. This includes:

  • Highly scalable and redundant online infrastructure
  • Constant monitoring of production systems
  • Daily threat assessments using 3rd party services
  • Rapid deployment of industry-standard security technologies

Together, from the point users log into Datahug to how and where data is loaded into Datahug, protection is built in at every level.

Protection at the facilities level

  • Servers hosted in ISO 27001 certified facilities, which are automatically backed up on a daily basis.
  • Data centers implement ongoing audits, 24/7/365 monitoring and surveillance, on-site security staff, and strict access controls.
  • Power systems feature multiple power feeds, UPS devices and backup generators ensure continuous operation.
  • Environmental systems have N+1 redundant configuration to ensure fault tolerance.

Protection at the network level

  • Sophisticated firewalls and application gateways selectively grant access to network resources.
  • External penetration testing performed for system security and validation.
  • Multiple internet backbone connections provide routing redundancy and high performance connectivity.
  • Access by Datahug administrators only via Secure Shell.

Application level protection

  • Fine grained Authentication/Authorization.
  • 256-bit EV SSL encryption by Comodo.
  • Brute force prevention (Captcha verifications, user lock-out).
  • Unique, randomly-generated IDs are applied to all connection Urls.

Read our comprehensive Privacy Overview for more details on privacy, Datahug and you.

If you would like to learn more about Datahug's security features, practices and policies, contact our sales team at +1-855-Datahug.

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