Get Warm Introductions to Your Target Accounts

Datahug helps you win more business with warmer intros from your existing company network.

Accelerate business development by unlocking your entire company network

Building your pipeline of business in high-touch relationship selling is impossible if you have to cold call your prospects. Yet, many organizations still rely on stale CRM data and purchased lead lists to start conversations with prospective clients.

With Datahug, your team gets access to your entire company network, unlocked by indexing the email and calendar communications that go in and out of your organization every day.

Instantly see who your colleagues know at any company. See when they last communicated, or met, and see which of your co-workers has the strongest relationship.

All this is achieved with no additional data entry by your team and no reliance on your level of CRM adoption.

Datahug works automatically, in the background, to ensure you always have the most up-to-date information about your customer interactions.

See How Grant Thornton Found 10X Warm Relationships with Datahug

Oliver O’Connor Head of Business Development at Grant Thornton
"Datahug revealed 150 new connections at a firm we wanted to engage."
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Inside or Outside CRM

Datahug works as a standalone application, but can also be embedded in CRM. Fuel your existing system or use Datahug alone to manage your relationship network.

Gmail and Outlook Plugins

Be aware of conversations your colleagues are having with prospects as you send and receive emails. Know about relationships without having to search for them.


Build your own custom application or perform offline data analysis using our API. Analyze your customer relationships in ways we haven’t even thought of.

Mobile App

Get access to warm introductions and other relationship insights on the move. All users get access to our iPhone and Android mobile apps.


See trends in your customer interactions over time. Get a visual cue when relationships are going dark, so you can take action to warm them up.


Be alerted to key contacts in your network that are falling out of touch. Configure alerts based on your key client and target account lists.