Grow Faster with Always Up-to-date CRM

Get all contacts, relationships, and activities loaded automatically into CRM on day one.

Automatically capture contacts, activities, and relationships from communications data

It’s impossible to get broad adoption of CRM if you are reliant on your team to manually enter the data. Busy professionals don’t have time to enter every contact, log every activity, and spell out the nature of each relationship.

With Datahug, all your contacts, relationships, and activities are automatically made visible in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. Datahug connects to your email, calendar, and phone systems, and syncs this information to CRM. Now you can tell who you know and when you last interacted with any person or company, and the information is always up-to-date.

All this is achieved with no additional data entry by your team and no reliance on your level of CRM adoption.

Datahug works automatically, in the background, to ensure you always have the most up-to-date information about your customer interactions.

See How Qlik Accelerated Sales with Better CRM Data

Troy Anderson VP, Global Inside Sales at Qlik

Without Datahug, we wouldn’t be able to move our deals as quickly through the pipeline.

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Datahug works with Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited. All our functionality is compatible with Lightning and the Salesforce1 Mobile App.


Datahug works with all versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM. Get all your data in place on day one of your implementation.

Contact Capture

Automatically capture all the contacts that your sales team has been interacting with on email and calendar, and load them instantly into CRM.

Who Knows Who

See which of your colleagues has the strongest connection with any external contact. Open doors to new opportunities in your company network.

Activity Tracking

Capture all email and calendar activities with prospects. See these automatically on Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities in CRM.


See trends in your customer interactions over time. Get a visual cue when relationships are going dark, so you can take action to warm them up.