Predict Outcomes and Nail Your Forecast

Get an airtight forecast without spending all week interrogating your sales team.

Roll up an accurate forecast and eliminate spreadsheets from your process

Building a forecast using basic CRM functionality or in a spreadsheet is a tedious process that creates information silos and a big reliance on gut feel. Your leadership team lacks visibility into a crucial part of your business, just when they need it most.

With Datahug, your team’s forecast submissions are captured directly within Salesforce. Managers can see which deals are included in the forecast, as well as the health of each individual deal. Overrides and adjustments can be applied at each level in your management hierarchy. The result is a highly accurate forecast, built with live data, always ready to be sent to your CEO.

All this is achieved with no additional data entry by your team and no reliance on your level of CRM adoption.

Datahug works automatically, in the background, to ensure you always have the most up-to-date information about your customer interactions.

See How Lever Manages Their Forecast with Datahug

Eileen Treanor CFO at Lever
"Datahug helps us remove risk because we constantly have a pulse on what’s happening in the business."
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Deal-level Forecasting

Toggle individual opportunities in and out of your forecast, so that sales reps, managers, and executives know exactly which deals make up the number.

Management Overrides

Adjust the forecast category and amount of any deal in your team’s forecast. Add or remove deals from the forecast to get to the most accurate number.

Forecast by Product

See how each of your products are contributing to the overall forecast number. Drill down into the pipeline of opportunities that contain each product.

Pipeline Flow

See changes that have happened to deals in your pipeline over any period of time. Track last week’s changes, or measure broader trends over time.

Activity Tracking

Capture all email and calendar activities with prospects. See these automatically on Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities in CRM.

Deal Scoring

Get an objective measure of health for each opportunity in your pipeline. Know where to focus your coaching and when to remove a deal from the forecast.