Our vision: Building highly optimized sales machines

We believe in creating a collaborative and transparent selling environment to promote coaching over reporting. We help sales teams develop superstars to scale faster, sell more and win predictably.


The Problem

Sales organizations are under pressure to build and close new business faster and more efficiently than ever before. Customer buying patterns are becoming increasingly complex. Sales leaders in charge of dizzying growth manage with a combination of gut feel and outdated tools.


The Solution

Datahug powers confident growth by automating the administrative burden and freeing sales teams to focus on productivity rather than operations. The entire pipeline is objectively measured, quantified and analyzed, enabling decisive, intelligent growth.


The Outcome

Companies that deploy Datahug see an average 21% higher close rate. Their reps spend 80% less time updating CRM and 70% less time in deal review meetings. Sales forecasts commonly achieve 95% accuracy.