Spend less time figuring out where your team is spending time

Keep track of your team’s level of activity, understand how well you’re engaging prospects and set targets to keep everyone productive.

Get an accurate picture of the activity levels of your sales team

Stay on top of your team’s activities without asking salespeople to log every email and meeting. Datahug automatically captures activities from your Gmail or Exchange server, giving complete transparency into your communications with customers and prospects.

See the history of interactions with every record in Salesforce

Within Salesforce, get a deeper understanding of the history of communication with every Lead, Contact, Account, and Opportunity. See all communications, even with contacts not already created in CRM.

Datahug shows a breakdown of meetings per week or month with Opportunities and Accounts by each salesperson. 

Datahug shows engagement levels across any list of Accounts in Salesforce. See when the last meeting was and when the next meeting is scheduled for.

Datahug shows the white-space in your target account list. Know how many attempts your sales team have made at penetrating the account, as well as the number of people they have engaged.

Embedded in Salesforce

Works in the CRM that you currently use, providing transparency and guaranteeing adoption by managers and reps.

Unique Data Source

Access to email and calendar data from the server means you aren’t reliant on manually created activities or guesswork.


Allows you to incorporate the data you already use for pipeline management to integrate with your existing sales process.