6 Reasons Your Lead Generation Offer Isn’t Working #2

6 Reasons Your Lead Generation Offer Isn’t Working

We’re all looking for low cost, high value sales!

Lead generation

Lead generation drives sales. Landing pages can be ideal for lead generation, by offering an interesting snippet of information in exchange for the submission of ‘contact details’ on your site. The idea is to offer something of value which could be traded for the contact details you require. Once you have their details, you can follow up, and try and win that sale! Examples of common offers are white papers or free eBooks.

Though marketers and executives understand the concept of lead generation, they often fall down when it comes to executing a lead generation marketing plan. They often find that their digital offers aren’t generating any new leads. This can be very frustrating for business, as offers are usually put together at great expense whether that be time or money.

So, if your digital offer is still not helping you to create new sales opportunities, where’s the problem?

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Here are the next three of the most likely trouble areas:

4. Your offer isn’t being presented well.

Your offer is great, but the product description and images are not. They do not describe the product well, are unclear, overly complicated, or exaggerated! Honesty is the best policy, and simplicity seems to be working for the big brands. There is a very interesting slide show about Apple’s brand experience here (have a look at the first few slides for advertising simplicity). Try distilling your offer to a few sentences, so that your customers can get a good feeling for it and might be more inclined to provide you with their details or sign up for your offer. Books shouldn’t be judged by their covers but they often are.

5. Your potential customers don’t want what you’re trying to give them.

With regular blogging, a major problem is connecting with your audience. You know who your customers are and you have to think like one, instead of as a marketer. Just because you want someone to read or view an item doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be interested in following along. Be sure that what you’re giving away has value to the reader or viewer.

6. Your lead generation landing pages aren’t compelling enough.

Try keeping your headline simple. A large percentage of visitors only see the headline on a page before they leave. If you can catch them with this, you stand a better chance.

Simply putting something online and hoping people will find it isn’t a winning strategy. A good landing page (one that convinces people to sign up or take the next step) stresses the benefits of your offer, as well as the assurances that the potential customer won’t regret requesting more information from you.

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