7 Facts About Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

While putting together a new paper, we came across these interesting facts, and thought we would share. These facts are all about Customer Relationship Management, and if you dig in to each article, you can really gather some useful and insightful tips. Fascinating reading! Without saying anymore, here are our top 7:

76% of respondents in a survey by DiscoverOrg are now using a CRM system! Read more here. This survey had more than 300 respondents.

Only 40% of CRM projects meet expectations, according to studies conducted over the past 10 years. Read more here. How can we do better?

Integration, extension and collaboration are the major areas which should be improved, to increase CRM adoption. Read more here.

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“Data accuracy” is the #1 concern of those who use CRM systems. Read more here. Make sure your data is accurate, and complete!

73% of companies have no process for reengaging and nurturing leads after sales. Read more here. Companies report nearly 70% success in re-selling to current customers. This is real low hanging fruit!

More than two-thirds of respondents said their data was less than 80% accurate, with 14% saying it was less than 50% accurate. This makes it difficult to accurately determine both marketing ROI and sales productivity. Read more here to learn about data accuracy!

A 2009 survey by Forrester found a failure rate of 47 percent for CRM systems. How are you ensuring the success of yours? Read more here.

We hope you enjoyed these factoids. Please share, or comment below if you have suggestions!

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