Trend Analytics - Sales, Pipeline, Forecasting

Datahug’s Sales Forecasting is Getting Even More Trendy

How’s your Q1 sales pipeline stacking up against last year’s Q1? Or even the year before? Do you know? You will now!

We’re excited to announce some powerful new updates to the Datahug platform. As of March 2018, we’re excited to introduce several brand new features including Datahug Trend Analytics, The Bulk Target Uploader, and Enhanced Reporting.

Below you’ll find a full breakdown and walk-through for each of these new product updates.

Trend Analytics - Sales, Pipeline, Forecasting

Trend Analytics

With Datahug’s current Pipeline Flow tool, you can already track how your current quarter pipeline has evolved over the last few days, weeks, and months. However, what if you want to track how your pipeline is evolving compared to the same time during last quarter? Or the same time in the corresponding quarter last year? How much had you already booked? How much did you have in Commit, Best Case and Pipeline and more importantly how much of each did you actually close?

Datahug Trend Analytics puts the answers to those questions at your fingertips.

Furthermore, Trend Analytics can leverage past performance to judge how you are trending for the current quarter. For example, if your commit success rate is consistently within a range of 70-80%, Trend Analytics can use this information to judge how much of your commit will close for the current quarter.

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You can also filter your Trend Analytics chart by region, team, opportunity type, product or any field that’s relevant to your business to ensure you stay on top of your pipeline and keep trending positively towards your targets.

Bulk Target Upload

Are you tired of setting your targets one by one? Don’t worry. We got you covered. 

Within this update we’ve included the ability to bulk set your targets via csv rather than needing each target to be set individually by user and by forecast type. Click into Datahug admin to download a target template, populate your targets by user for each forecast type and simply upload. It’s now quick and easy to set your targets with Datahug.

Trend Analytics - Sales, Pipeline, Forecasting

Enhanced Reporting

Finally, in this new update we’ve included a Forecast Override Summary Reporting object within Salesforce. Every time you override an opportunity amount or forecast category in Datahug or toggle a deal in or out of the forecast Datahug will record this action in the Override Summary object. In the case of amount overrides, Datahug will include the amount override in the currency of the opportunity as well as the organisational currency. This allows you to easily generate reports combining and comparing your opportunity record data in Salesforce with your opportunity level forecast data in Datahug.

If you haven’t yet started leveraging the Datahug revenue generation platform, you can schedule a demo by clicking here. If you’re already a Datahug customer, and simply have questions about the new features, you can email us by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy the new Datahug features!