June Product Update - Sales Visibility Edition

June Product Update – Sales Visibility Edition

Do you struggle with sales analyses because of a complex Sales Hierarchy? Are you a Divisional or Market head looking for visibility into how deals are progressing in each department?

If you’re struggling with “cross hierarchy visibility,” you’re going to love our new Datahug product update.

The Datahug June 2018 release includes functionality to grant specific users access to view deals across the sales hierarchy. Users are no longer restricted to viewing only those deals that roll up to them directly.

Cross Hierarchy Visibility

Datahug already provides a streamlined and user-friendly means of rolling up your forecast. Opportunity owners can analyze their deals individually and submit their forecast to a manager. That manager may, in turn, perform their own analyses and submit up the chain. However, nothing is ever simple when it comes to selling and the same is certainly true of your Sales Hierarchy. What about your General Account Managers (GAMs)? They will be eager to keep track of live deals in their accounts but these deals tend to be owned by AEs in a different part of the hierarchy. How about your Divisional and Market heads? They also need to see how the deals they care about are progressing for the month or quarter.

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With Datahug’s Overlay Mode, you can grant access to key individuals to view any deal in Datahug that they can access in CRM. This is regardless of whether that deal rolls up to them directly or not. Simply log into Datahug and change the slider beside the period picker from ‘Revenue’ to ‘Overlay’. Users can filter their view by Account and Territory or monitor the progression of deals through the Datahug deal score. They can track historical changes to each deal via the pipeline flow, They can also click into Totals Breakdown to see their numbers broken out by product, account, territory or indeed any filter on the account, opportunity, and product objects.

Datahug Product Update

Additional Enhancements

  • It is now possible to disable forecast submissions for the ‘Overall’ forecast type. This means that should an organization define multiple different forecast types by business line, region etc, they also have the option of restricting ‘overall’ submissions in the event that such submissions no longer make sense for the organization.
  • When the user selects a forecast type (e.g. New Business) then the filter data section updates to display the label of the selected forecast type.

If you haven’t yet started leveraging the Datahug revenue generation platform, you can schedule a demo by clicking here. If you’re already a Datahug customer, and simply have questions about the new features, you can email us by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy the new Datahug features!