May Product Update - Our Most 'Active' Product Update Yet!

May Product Update – Our Most ‘Active’ Product Update Yet!

Are you tracking your sales team’s activities? Are you trying to find those extra coachable moments and track your team’s progress over time?

You’re going to love this product update.

As of May 2018, we’re excited to announce that we’re rolling out powerful new features to the Datahug platform including “Locking Targets,” and our brand new “Activity Metrics.”

Below you’ll find a full breakdown and walk-through for each of these new product updates.

Activity Analytics

Using the new Activity Metrics feature, you can easily keep track of your team’s engagements with external contacts week-by-week. Click on Activity Metrics under the Sales Coaching section to see how many emails your team has sent/received and the meetings which have been created/held by your direct reports. Visually track how your team’s activity totals have changed over the quarter with the team activity graph. If you wish to compare this week’s totals with any other week of the quarter, simply click a historical point on the graph and Datahug will update the table to show you the counts for the relevant week.

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Lock Your Targets

Additionally, in this product update, we’ve included a feature to restrict setting and updating of targets to admins or nominated members of your hierarchy. Simply navigate to Datahug admin and click into Datahug forecast setup to configure as you require.

Additional Enhancements

  • It is now possible to filter Datahug on fields of type ‘Checkbox’. Navigate to Datahug admin, click into Datahug Forecast Setup and scroll to the ‘Select Fields to Filter on’ section. All standard and custom checkbox fields will be available to select and add to your filter data feature
  • All deals in forecast category ‘Omitted’ may now be viewed on the live deals tables in Datahug. Navigate to Datahug admin, click into Datahug Forecast Setup and check the box beside the label ‘Display Omitted deals on Live Deals Table’

If you haven’t yet started leveraging the Datahug revenue generation platform, you can schedule a demo by clicking here. If you’re already a Datahug customer, and simply have questions about the new features, you can email us by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy the new Datahug features!