Selling Commercial Telecom? Here Are 4 Tips To Close Your Deals Faster

Selling Commercial Telecom? Here Are 4 Tips To Close Your Deals Faster

Competition in the commercial telecom market is fiercer today than perhaps any time in history. The market itself has become overloaded with providers, all promising to offer the best and most cost-effective services available. As any commercial telecom sales rep would tell you today, it takes a lot more than promises of great technology at amazingly low prices to close the deal. Businesses today want and expect more.

Commercial telecom companies that want to remain competitive in an already saturated market must reexamine their sales approach. Sales teams must know how to stand out from their competition and offer the customer what they need, even if the customer doesn’t know they need it yet. These four tips will show you how to stand out from your competition and ultimately help you close your deal faster.

1. Develop Custom Solutions

Developing custom solutions for your customers is no longer a good sales pitch, it is a necessity. Today’s businesses, even small businesses, want personalized services. Unfortunately, many commercial telecom companies have not kept up with this demand and still offer the same old packaged options. Sure, the customer wants a package deal, but they want it to be a package based on their needs, not yours.

This means that sales reps must focus on building one-on-one relationships and getting to know the business demands their clients face. This level of relationship building will enable you to build a customized telecom services plan that meets the client’s service and budgetary demands. Coming to the table with a plan in place that fits your clients’ criteria can give you the edge you need to close the deal.

2. Use the Challenger Method

In the past, the standard sales model was to sit down with the client to discuss their current needs, and then bombard them with all the ways your telecom services could help meet these needs. The problem with this model is that today’s business leaders are more informed than ever before. With just a few keystrokes, the internet can provide anyone with a vast amount of information on any subject, including telecom services, in just a matter of seconds.

This means that sales reps must reimagine their sales model if they hope to make the type of impact that can close the deal. This is exactly what the Challenger Method does. Instead of accepting what your clients tell you at face value, the Challenger Method encourages sales teams to rather educate their clients about their industry and position their pains around your solution’s strengths. These may be barriers that the client has never considered until now.

Once you explain the need for change, you can provide insight into how your telecom company offers the solutions they need. This changes the sales process completely. When used correctly, the client will not only see you as a sales rep, but as a partner seeking out viable solutions to meet their needs.

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3. Become an Industry Expert

In order to be successful with the Challenger Method, it is vital to position yourself as an expert in the commercial telecom industry. In order to become an industry leader, you must know the ins and outs of the industry. This means having an understanding of any new technology already released or on the horizon, the real challenges business are facing in regards to telecommunication, effective solutions and, of course, you must know your competitors.

If you can show the client real challenges, in regards to commercial telecom, that businesses are facing today, as well as viable solutions that have worked for other clients, this brings real value to your conversations. This level of expertise is exactly what clients want. They don’t want solutions to fix problems after they occur — they want solutions to avoid problems in the future.

4. Leverage Technology

It may seem impossible to expect sales reps to find a way to provide customized solutions, position themselves as an industry leader and identify clients’ problems and solutions for them, on top of the already high demand to work faster and harder. This is why it becomes imperative for companies to leverage technology and put the right tools in the hands of their sales team.

The good news is that companies are doing a good job at collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data. The bad news is that many of these same companies fall short when it comes to putting this data into the right hands. Your sales reps must have access to the right information, such as client reports and sales data. Integrating the right customer service platform can provide this connection and give your team the tools they need to close deals.

The only way your company can hope to stay competitive in an already-saturated, yet rapidly changing industry is to rethink the sales process. The standard sales tactics will not be enough to keep your company going in the long term. Changing the sales model, evolving as an industry leader and leveraging technology to identify business obstacles and provide real solutions will set you apart from your competitors and help you close the deal faster.

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