The High Velocity Sales Model

Creating Value

There are four distinct type of sales person – They are Laggards, Hagglers, Marathon Runners, and High Value Accelerated Sellers.

High Velocity Sales Model

Laggards – Laggards take too much time to close a sale and every time they do, the price is always discounted.

Hagglers – Hagglers attempt to achieve quick sales by discounting so as to encourage a quick decision from the buyer. They sell at the expense of value. It’s important for Hagglers to learn to negotiate without sacrificing value.

Marathon Runners – These sellers adopt the mind-set of a long distance runner. They close their deals eventually, but there are opportunities to improve the pace by eliminating time wasting tasks.

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High Value Accelerated Sellers – This should be every sales person’s goal – These are the sales stars who can sell value in a shorter sales cycle.

There are techniques and strategies which can increase value within a shorter sales cycle. The results of this will be record sales, increased sales productivity and improved margins. How do we know it works? Because we can measure it.

What’s Next?

It’s important to understand the constituent pieces of the High Velocity Sales model in order to achieve success. How do you transform an inside sales team into a High Velocity Sales Machine? How do you push more deals to the pipeline, reduce cycle time, and boost revenue?

In the next post we’ll discuss the seven activities that should be followed in order to maximize revenue generation and speed.

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