Guide your team to take the actions that get deals done

Show salespeople how they can close deals faster, understand gaps in their pipeline and set goals for improving their overall performance.

See where you need to focus attention to make your number

Coaching is most effective when salespeople can take immediate action on deals in their pipeline. Datahug measures your ability to engage multiple stakeholders, get next steps and keep deals on track.

Drill into the deals that need broader engagement

When action is required, Datahug points you towards the specific deals that you can take action on.

Datahug shows you the difference between your sales target and the amount of quality deals in your sales pipeline. Know if you have enough coverage to make your number.

Datahug automatically identifies all the single-threaded opportunities in your sales pipeline. Take action to broaden engagement with more stakeholders to understand their requirements and build consensus for your solution.

Datahug shows you all the deals in your pipeline that don't have a next meeting booked. Take action to re-engage these prospects and schedule next steps to shorten the sales cycle.

Embedded in Salesforce

Works in the CRM that you currently use, providing transparency and guaranteeing adoption by managers and reps.

Unique Data Source

Access to email and calendar data from the server means you aren’t reliant on manually created activities or guesswork.


Allows you to incorporate the data you already use for pipeline management to integrate with your existing sales process.