Coach everyone to be a better forecaster

Keep track of all of your forecast submissions, understand accuracy by salesperson and fine tune your process with historical data.

Keep track of all historical forecast submissions

Reduce the amount of time you spend rolling up forecasts in Excel and saving away versions of the commit. We capture and make reportable a complete history of all forecast submissions. Use this to hone your forecast accuracy over time and demonstrate your ability to call the number early in the quarter.

Understand forecast accuracy by salesperson

Building an optimized and predictable sales machine isn’t just about knowing the status of every deal in the pipeline. You can boost the performance of your managers and reps with ongoing coaching to improve their own ability to understand dynamics and better work deals.

See who on your sales team is consistently submitting an accurate forecast.

See which teams are consistently over or under on their forecast.

Compare your 90 day, 60 day and 30 day forecasts across multiple quarters to determine if the actions you are taking are having a significant impact on forecast accuracy.

Embedded in Salesforce

Works in the CRM that you currently use, providing transparency and guaranteeing adoption by managers and reps.

Accuracy by Rep

Not just crunching numbers to improve accuracy of the overall number, but providing coachable metrics for each member of your team.


Works with your Salesforce configuration – amount fields, currency configuration, products and split opportunities.