Top-down forecasting, meet bottom-up predictability

Manage your forecast rollup from salesperson to CEO in Salesforce. Complement top-down forecasting with highly accurate deal level predictions.

A completely transparent sales forecast rollup

If you run a sales team and live in Salesforce, you need a tool that doesn’t just capture regular forecast submissions from sales reps, managers and VPs, but provides each person with objective data to guide their predictions and focus their time.

Escape from Excel

Drill down from each manager to the sales rep and individual deals that make up their forecast. Include the existing fields you use to assess deals and run your own “what-if” analysis, so you don’t have to export everything to Excel to make sense of the data.

Keep track of when each forecast was submitted and examine the notes provided by each manager that may give more guidance on the status of the deals.

Drill down to see the deals that make up a reps forecast. Identify any outliers that don’t look real using your own Salesforce fields and our objective Deal Score.

To get one level deeper, drill down into the Opportunity and see a full history of email and calendar activity. See if your own legal and finance teams are engaged to ultimately validate the deal.

Embedded in Salesforce

Works in the CRM that you currently use, providing transparency and guaranteeing adoption by managers and reps

Drill down to Opportunities

Gain access to more than an aggregated forecast. See the momentum of individual deal that make up the number so you can triple validate the commit.


Works with your Salesforce configuration – amount fields, currency configuration, products and split opportunities.