Datahug for Commercial Real Estate
Datahug for Commercial Real Estate


Discover warm introductions and intelligence to win more business with target companies.

Learn how real estate firms leverage existing business relationships to find
10X more routes into target accounts.

Put the Foundations in Place for Better
Client Management

  1. Real Estate firms send hundreds of emails each week searching for relationships across their organizations to help them win more business.
  2. Meanwhile, contacts, maintained in spreadsheets or in CRM, are out of date and of no value to the Business Development and Marketing teams.
  3. Without that visibility, firms waste time on deals they should ignore and miss the opportunities they should be focused on.

What We Do

Datahug helps you bridge the gap between your CRM data and the actual touchpoints your reps have with customers and prospects.

Accelerate Business

Warm introduction with intelligence to win more business

Uncover relationships with clients to efficiently generate more upsells and cross-sell

Improve client
care & cross-sell

Understand the full breadth of relationships with key clients to deliver mutual success

Gain visibility into how we serve our clients so that we can shorten the sales cycle

Increase RFP win

Maximize win rates when responding to RFPs

Make smarter Go/No Go decisions based on relationship health

Save time spent
Updating CRM

Increase user adoption and reduce reliance on manual data entry

CRM stays up-to-date every day using Datahug

The Proof

Oliver O’Connor
Head of Business Development at Grant Thornton
Datahug showed us 150 connections at a firm we wanted to sell to.