Datahug for Tech Companies
Datahug for Tech Companies

The Leading Pipeline Management and Forecasting Platform for Fast Growing Companies

Close more deals and maximize forecast accuracy.

Learn how tech companies use Datahug to spend more time selling, reduce sales cycles,
and increase win rates by 21%.

When You Need to Make the Number and You
Want a Plan to Get There

  1. Fast-growing companies need up-to-date information on the changes on their pipeline, the latest forecast, and the health of the deals that will help them reach their number.
  2. Sales managers often revert to spreadsheets for their forecasting and long interrogations for their deal reviews.
  3. Sales leaders consumed by the forecasting process have less ability to work with their sales reps to get more deals over the line.

What We Do

Datahug helps you get the best out of your sales team at every stage in your process while ensuring you're on track to make your number.

Accelerate Sales

Warm introduction with intelligence to win more business

Uncover relationships with clients to efficiently generate more upsells and cross-sell

Improve Customer
Success & Cross-sell

Understand the full breadth of relationships with key clients to deliver mutual success

Gain visibility into how we serve our clients so that we can shorten the sales eyele

Increase Sales Win

Maximize win rates when responding to RFPs

Make smarter Go/No Go decisions based on relationship health

Save Time Spent
Updating CRM

Increase user adoption and reduce reliance on manual data entry

CRM stays up-to-date every day using Datahug

The Proof

Troy Anderson
VP, Global Inside Sales at Qlik
Without Datahug, we wouldn’t be able to move our deals as quickly through the pipeline.