The Flexible Revenue Generation Platform

Easily Integrate Datahug Into Your Current Sales and Marketing Stack

<span>The Flexible</span> Revenue Generation Platform

Capitalize on our significant integration functionality. Through our seamless integration capabilities, we allow you to immediately start driving value by quickly and easily creating your desired business process.

Whether through our productized connectors, such as our native integration, or communication tool integrations we have the integrations you need to leverage your existing technology investments and start closing more deals, faster.


Whether your company is leveraging Google’s Gmail and Calendar, or Microsoft’s Office 365 through Microsoft Exchange, Datahug provides an open and flexible approach to integration that offers many communication integration choices while reducing implementation time.

How does Datahug access your company email? Datahug constructs a profile of your business relationships using only the information contained in the “header” of an email – e.g. To, From, CC, BCC, time, date and subject line. This is just like reading the outside of an envelope and ignoring the contents inside. No content of, or attachments to, any email is ever accessed, reviewed or stored by Datahug.


Unlock the relationship capital hidden in your company's CRM. With pro-built connectors to the most popular CRMs like Salesforce, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics, our relationship platform makes it easy to bring together customer interactions and provide warm intros into companies giving your salespeople and decision makers real-time access to information and streamlining deals.

Datahug grants sales teams a simple, ungated way to access all of the already established relationships of your organization both past and present.

Supercharge your sales reps’ networks and help them close more deals with Datahug.


Your business intelligence tools help you make fact—based and insightful decisions and improve company performance. Datahug makes your business intelligence tools, even better.

With Datahug's business intelligence tools integrations, it's quick and easy to work Datahug right into your current sales and marketing stack

CallidusCloud Ready

Are you using CallidusCloud's Commissions to handle your incentive compensation process, or CallidusCloud's configuring, pricing, and quoting tool?

If you're using any of the CallidusCloud products, Datahug can help you grow sales, and close more deals.


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