Not just what’s in the pipeline, but what’s changed and why

Know if you have enough pipeline at the start of the month, see day-to-day changes in your pipeline and understand where closed deals come from.

See pipeline changes over any period of time

Your total pipeline, best case and commit can change dramatically in just a couple of days. Pipeline Flow allows you to see how your pipeline has changed over a customizable period of time.

Understand where lost/pushed/closed deals came from

Understand if the deals your team are closing are more likely to come from commit, best case or left field. Use this information to create a best practice around pipeline management and a strong predictable pipeline.

These four deals have been pushed out of the quarter since last week. Drill down into the detail or work with your sales rep to find out why.

These three deals have moved from pipeline or best case, or from best case to commit.

This shows how much of the $10M in pipeline you created last month was won, lost, progressed or pushed out of the quarter.

Embedded in Salesforce

Works in the CRM that you currently use, providing transparency and guaranteeing adoption by managers and reps.


Understand not just what changed, but work backwards to figure out where the won/lost/pushed deals originated.


Allows you to incorporate the data you already use for pipeline management to integrate with your existing sales process.