Long range radar with no blind spots

Build a solid pipeline of opportunities, understand where risk exists and know early that you’re going to make your number.

Get clear visibility across your whole sales pipeline

Whether you own a small number of larger deals, or manage a more transactional sales cycle, now you can see the health of each opportunity and when it is due to close.

Drill down to see the health of each individual opportunity

Within Salesforce, get a deeper understanding of the history and dynamics of each deal. See all communications with those involved, even contacts not already associated with the opportunity in CRM.

This Opportunity has strong momentum but has a close data of next quarter. Work with your rep to determine if you can bring in the close date.

These are John’s deals that are due to close this quarter, but are showing low momentum. Focus your one-on-ones on these to identify how you can get them unstuck, or move them out of the pipeline.

This Opportunity is long past it sell-by date. It is over three months old and there has been no response from the key stakeholders in over a month. Move on to a deal with a better chance of closing.

These Opportunities are single threaded. Your sales rep is only engaging with a single key decision maker. Coaching them to avoid these situations will have a dramatic impact on your win rates.

Embedded in Salesforce

Works in the CRM that you currently use, providing transparency and guaranteeing adoption by managers and reps.

Unique Data Source

Access to email and calendar data from the server means you aren’t reliant on manually created activities or guesswork.


Allows you to incorporate the data you already use for pipeline management to integrate with your existing sales process.