Pipeline visibility you’ve always wanted but never had before

Reduce wasted effort, get involved when necessary and take the actions proven to get deals done.


Datahug helped us progress a deal the first day we installed it. It was early enough so we were able to apply resources to get that deal closed.

Dan Ross Director, Strategy & Operations at Optimizely

Pipeline Management

  • Focus your one-on-ones on the deals that need coaching
  • Judge deals based on facts instead of opinions
  • Close out dead deals and focus on the ones with the best chance of closing

Pipeline Flow

  • See the deals that were recently pushed out or closed-lost
  • Find the deals that caused your total pipeline number to drop
  • Understand the reasons for low win rates and missed quarters

Forecast Rollup

  • Maintain a ‘live’ company-wide forecast and have confidence in the deals that make up the number
  • Schedule weekly forecast submissions and enable overrides up and down the hierarchy
  • Record notes, be aware of red flags and know about deals in the forecast that are unlikely to close

Forecast History

  • Enable your salespeople to self-manage their forecast and pipeline with accuracy
  • Get consistent with forecasting by understanding historical forecast accuracy by team and salesperson
  • Keep track of all historical forecast submissions for better projections in the future

Activity Tracking

  • Stay on top of your team’s activities without asking salespeople to log every email and meeting
  • Understand how well each team is engaging with their customers and prospects
  • Create benchmarks, set targets and make sure everyone maintains a high level of activity

Coaching Metrics

  • Point salespeople towards the actions they need to take to close deals faster
  • Understand the gap between a salesperson’s target and their total amount of healthy pipeline
  • Set goals for salespeople to follow based on proven winning behaviors

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