Swift, Smart Action to Make Your Number

Understand the health of deals in your pipeline and take action to close them faster.

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Know what’s real in your pipeline and make an impact to close more deals

If you are reliant on conversations with your sales team and don’t have objective information about the health of your deals, you are missing the opportunity to make an impact on the opportunities that need the most help.

With Datahug, you get clear visibility into the health of your pipeline. You can stay on top of key accounts and relationships with strategic partners, and understand how each segment of your business is performing in real-time. You can take action earlier to collaborate on opportunities that need help. The result is higher win rates, shorter sales cycles, and larger deal sizes.

All this is achieved with no additional data entry by your team and no reliance on your level of CRM adoption.

Datahug works automatically, in the background, to ensure you always have the most up-to-date information about your customer interactions.

See How Optimizely Closed More Deals With Datahug

Dan Ross Director, Strategy & Operations at Optimizely

Datahug helped us progress a deal the first day we installed it. It was early enough so we were able to apply resources to get that deal closed.

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Deal Score

Get a completely objective measurement of the health of each individual deal in your pipeline. Know where to focus your coaching and one-on-one time.

Pipeline Flow

See changes that have happened to deals in your pipeline over any period of time. Track last week’s changes or measure trends over longer periods of time.

Next Steps

Datahug presents salespeople with suggested next steps based on sales best practices for each of the deals in their pipeline. Take action to close deals faster.

Activity Tracking

Capture all email and calendar activities with prospects. Automatically visible on Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities within CRM.

Forecast Rollups

Adjust the forecast category and amount of any deal in your team’s forecast. Add or remove deals from the forecast to get to the most accurate number.

Mobile App

Get access to deal health and other pipeline insights on the move. All users get access to our iPhone and Android mobile apps.